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In today’s fast-changing world, the future belongs to the creators. The innovators. Those who deliver value. Those who can adapt and evolve continuously.

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Look no further than our DataMiner Empower event, a multi-day deep-dive tech fest about all things DataMiner, DevOps, and Digital Transformation.

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Whether you're interested in process design, delivering data insights, or citizen development, or you're a code and automation lover, DataMiner Empower is the ultimate destination to boost your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and become the digital Michelangelo everyone wants. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to join the ranks of the creators!

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All members of the DataMiner DevOps Professionals program attending the event will automatically receive 500 DevOps Points per full day attended, up to 1500 points! But you'll also be able to gather additional bonus points throughout the course of the event.

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