Join us for a 3-day tech fest packed with empowering sessions for creators

ALL creators! So, whether you're a hardcore techie who codes in their sleep, a product owner guru who lives and breathes value delivery for your organization, or a visionary leader with the ambition to propel your business into the new data-driven world, our program will empower you to unleash your inner Michelangelo and become a champion at delivering value.

The Top Dog Track

This main track offers 10 sessions, each targeting a specific DataMiner DevOps feature. Each session is meticulously crafted to provide maximum value to ALL creators, regardless of their role in a DevOps team, and no matter whether they like to get their hands dirty or just want to be inspired.

Ignite your journey to data-driven success

Day 1 • March 28 • session 1 > 3

Launch your Digital Transformation to new heights

Day 2 • March 29 • session 4 > 6

Navigate the frontiers of innovation

Day 3 • March 30 • session 7 > 10

DataMiner Platform Architecture

>> Deploy your own DataMiner System with DataMiner as a Service

On-prem, cloud or hybrid, DataMiner offers you a variety of options to tailor your platform to your specific needs. From more permanent static deployments to dynamically scaled solutions, and on-demand services, it’s all at your disposal! During this session you will learn about all the possibilities, pros and cons, and how to choose the absolute best option for your operation—like a true top dog!

DataMiner as a Service • Data Storage • DataMiner Cloud Functions • Ansible • OpenSearch • AWS Keyspaces

DataMiner DevOps Ecosystem

>> Set up your own first CI/CD solution for your DataMiner System

The future is all about evolving continuously, and we are all about the future. Learn how to whip up a DevOps environment, make your team collaborate on new solutions like true rockstars, automate testing to increase your release velocity, and deploy your solutions with the click of a button. Join the DevOps revolution!

GitHub • CI/CD services • Pipelines • Catalog • Automated testing • Deployment • Collaboration

DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS)

>> Get your first automation script loaded into your repository and fire it off through your pipeline

DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS) is THE tool for DevOps squads to easily create and continuously evolve DataMiner solutions in a collaborative manner. It’s jam-packed with integrated options that make it super easy to test, validate and deploy solutions—both in the lab and in production. This session might blow your socks off—but don’t worry, you can always buy some new ones in our Swag Shop!

Integration Studio • Visual Studio • Nugets • Unit Testing • DataMiner Solutions - Artifacts

DataMiner Object Modeling

>> Create and shape you first DataMiner Object Model

Get ready to open up the value delivery firehose! DataMiner Object Modeling (DOM) empowers DevOps squads to extend DataMiner’s digital twin with ANY objects you can imagine—and are required—to organize your operation and business more efficiently than ever before by automating workflows, and above all, by seamlessly blending business, operation, and technology together.

Digitize your operation • Object Modelling • Life cycle design • State transitions

User-definable Apps & Dashboards

>> Reimagine how things can be done with your first user-definable apps

User-definable no-code apps are all about empowering EVERYBODY across your organization and beyond with actionable data and easy controls. This is the new paradigm that will take your game to the next level. You get to create experiences tailored to very specific teams, responsibilities, and roles so that you can boost the efficiency of your operation and business to new heights.

User-definable • No Code • Tailored to specific roles

Generic Query Interface (GQI)

>> Craft your first GQI queries and deliver your first actionable insights

Time to rock as a data wizard! DataMiner GQI is all about playing with data; shaping it, molding it, and distilling it into actionable insights. Once you’ve mastered the ins and outs of GQI, you will hold the key to the data kingdom, ready to unlock massive value for your organization. In this session, you will pick up use cases after use case and learn how to tap into the wealth of data in the DataMiner digital twin, collect it, and transform it into pure uncut empowerment for all your users.

GQI • Filter - Join • Count - Connect • Group • Custom operators

DataMiner Process Automation

>> Create your first process activities and end-to-end process

Time to connect those dots under the hood! With DataMiner Process Automation you can weave together people, functions and technology into one seamless flow, and redefine the meaning of “end to end”. The sky is the limit! Start boosting the efficiency of your operation, while also leveling up your security posture and empowering people to use the most complex infrastructure with ease.

Process activities • Decision gateways • Tokens • Instantiate

DataMiner Scripted Extensibility

>> Create your first ChatOps extension, GQI custom operator, user-definable API and more

Every operation, every business, every single one of us is unique. The future may be all about speed, agility, and ease, but at the same time, it all needs to be tailored to your very specific needs. Luckily, with DataMiner extensibility is literally everywhere. Discover how you can easily turn any use case into nothing but sheer value. Unleash your creativity in a world of unlimited potential and opportunity.

Custom ChatOps operator • GQI custom operator • User-definable API • Process activities • CI types

Service & Resource Management (SRM)

>> Create your first simple booking solution

Virtualization, cloudification and IP are ripping through the technology landscape. While they offer immense potential, it's essential to leverage them effectively. Managing resources, capacity, availability, and keeping track of everything is critical. The DataMiner SRM suite offers you everything from simple and easy reservations to get grips on the most complex operations to hyper-automation and everything inbetween so you can gradually increase your level of automation as needed. And the best thing, it doesn’t just take care of the tech, but also people, rooms, vans, and anything you can imagine—whoop whoop.

Resources • Functions • Capacity • Availability • Concurrency • Reservations

Get Inspired – Real-life use cases from around the world

>> Sit back and relax! You will have earned it after making it all the way to this session 😉

We’re wrapping up! In this last session we will take a stroll through the vast spectrum of real-life use cases and inspire you to use everything you've learned during DataMiner Empower to create the most innovative, impactful solutions for your business and operation. That's right, we want you to be the stars of the show.

The Side Hustle Track

We are on a mission to empower you so that you hold the tools, skills, and knowledge to boost your operations to the moon and beyond. So we want to make sure that you get the maximum out of your 3-day stay! With our Side Hustle Track, we offer an array of more personalized stand-alone sessions, which you are free to follow based on your interests.

Mojo Sessions

Kick-ass sessions offering you the full scoop on our latest and hottest innovations and features.

One-on-One Huddles

A unique chance to personally connect with the DataMiner experts of your choosing and discuss YOUR projects, inquiries and needs.

Unbox the network

Discover how you can easily automate your mass network configuration & provisioning by leveraging the power of our Low-Code Apps!

Automate your MCR

Learn to leverage the power of advanced control surfaces, flow engineering, and automation to deliver an unparalleled MCR experience.

Meet up with your Skyline Squad

Sit down in person with the entire crew involved with one of your on-going projects. Book your huddle session now.

Meet up with our domain experts

Deep dive into valuable use cases with our domain experts and gain valubale insights.

Meet up with our security experts

Get all your security-related questions directly answered by the team who is responsible for the security of DataMiner.

schedule your huddle

One-on-One huddles can also be booked on Monday and Friday during that week!