Join us at DataMiner Empower, a deep-dive tech fest on DataMiner, DevOps, and Digital Transformation. Boost your skills, brainstorm with domain experts, and turbocharge your journey as a creator.

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don't just take our word for it:

Empower has inspired us to create a lot more with DataMiner. The event showcases all the new and powerful DevOps features in a very structured fashion and I'm really excited about exploring all that this technology can offer us in the future.

Bruno Sousa | NOS Technology

DataMiner Empower was something I was really looking forward to when it was announced, and it's really living up to its name so far. I'm really happy to get my hands on all the cool nitty-gritty stuff and the spanking-new features!

Martin Vrzba | Marlink

It's great to come to DataMiner Empower and hang out with the people who actually make DataMiner. I can ask them anything and learn things from them that would have been way harder to explore on my own.

Marco Di Blasi | Diem Tech

I've had an awesome time getting to know everyone at Skyline chatting about all the cool features and learning more about their development process, which really inspired us look at how we can improve ours. I've learned a lot of new skills that I can now take back home.

Rebecca Kelsall | Sky

I really recommend anyone to attend DataMiner Empower because it's a great opportunity to meet people, discuss projects and get new ideas about what you can do with DataMiner. I've already met with lots of people from the industry here to talk about similar projects and learn from them.

Kawsar Marzouk | Aljazeera

It's great to get such a close look at some of the major DataMiner features. I think, obviously, having a more hands-on approach gives us a much better understanding of how we would use them and also how we could implement it in our agile systems.

Aston Galvin | CGI